Turkish Star Wars

In 1982, while the coup d’etat kept western movies out of Turkey, filmmakers set out to the deserts with a truck full of fuzzy costumes to recreate the most ambitious sci-fi ever made.

In 2012, musicians voice-over artists and sound designers pay homage to their film with the first ever release in English.  In Portland, the Filmusik ensemble is presenting a new soundtrack and dubbing (true to the original shooting script) for the most insane remake of all time: Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam.

Nov. 1, 2, 3*
7pm – Hollywood Theatre
Tickets $12 available at turkishstarwars.com and the
Hollywood Theatre Box Office

*One night dub-off on Saturday the 3rd: Tensions were rising at the recent performance of Guerra de las Galaxias a la Turca, the Spanish-language voice over cast unimpressed with the martial arts talents of their counterparts were overheard wishing they could “show the power of their golden fists” to the actors playing Murat and Ali. Soon after an official challenge was issued. As is common courtesy between DVD Language Track recording artists, the challenge was issued 6 days in advance of the dub-off giving the English language crew time to pick their contenders and prepare.

The English language cast plays the dark side of the force and the denizens of the mysterious 13th tribe and its rebel forces. Mauricio Carvajal and Joaquin Lopez play the Turkish Star Fighters out to destroy the Darth Magician. The dialog between Ali and Murat is in Spanish and subtitles to English thanks to our tireless subtitle elves.  While industry regs prevent us from sanctioning these kinds of voice-over cage-matches, we can tell you that its happening and where to be.

C’mon by this weekend and check it out, it’s the last chance.  Tickets for Friday and Saturday are getting a little scarce, probably a good idea to pick some up before the show.

Check out the trailer for Turkish Star Wars here:

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Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam

We performed a simpler version of our soundtrack in a special concert at the Hollywood Theatre in 2010. The run sold out long before showtime and we have been swamped by requests to present the performance again. We are bringing in some voice-over pros and and re-working parts for our 2012 performance coinciding with our release of the new Filmusik DVD.


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